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Arhauz™ Security Cameras Los Angeles is a leading provider of security cameras / surveillance cameras systems in Los Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles area. Our prices and service quality are unbeatable due to the simple fact that we will beat any quote you receive from any other security camera company in L.A. You simply have to show us the estimate you have received, and we will beat the price. That is the Arhauz™ Guarantee!

Below you will find our featured products and weekly & monthly specials that you would want to take advantage of for securing your home or business with an easy-to-use, top of the line, and extremely affordable security surveillance system. You can start enjoying the peace of mind that you and your family need to feel secure and comfortable in your own home or business. Take advantage of the security, convenience and peace of mind that Arhauz™ has to offer and Call Us Today at 424-235-0322 for a FREE quote!

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Featured Products

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4 Camera Packages
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- 1 x 4 Channel System, 500GB Storage
- 4 x 540TVL Bullet Infrared Day/Night Cameras
- 2 x 70ft Pre-made Cables
- 2 x 100ft Pre-made Cables
- 1 x Pigtail 4 Channel Male Connector
- 1 x DC12V 5A Power Adaptor
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8 Camera Packages
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- 1 x 8 Channel System, 500GB Storage
- 8 x 540TVL Bullet Infrared Day/Night Cameras
- 8 x PIGTAIL MALE (Plug)
- 16 x BNC Connectors
- 1 x POWER DISTRIBUTOR, DC 12V, 5 AMP, 9 Channel
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16 Camera Packages
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- 1 x 16 Channel System, 500GB Storage
- 16 x 540TVL Bullet Infrared Cameras
- 1 x SIAMESE CABLE - 1000FT
- 16 x PIGTAIL MALE (Plug)
- 32 x BNC Connectors
- 1 x POWER DISTRIBUTOR, DC 12V, 15 AMP, 18 Channel
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IP Cameras
(Multiple Varieties Available)
-1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD
-Integrated 4.3 mm F2.0 fixed lens
-0 Lux (Infrared LED ON)
-Backlight Compensation, Auto White Balance Supported
-Selectable MPEG-4 / MJPEG compression
-CIF up to Full D1 resolution at 30/25 FPS
-Multi-stream with variable frame rate in the same compression
-Two-way audio supported
-Hardware motion detection
-Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) supported
-Free rotating ball joint mechanical design allows coverage of all angles
-Surface, and wall mount supported
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Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- Lightening Speed(MAX. 360°/sec)
- Smooth Manual Speed (MIN. 0.05°/sec)
- X324 Zoom Control (Optical X27, Digital X12) : EPT-27CN
- X444 Zoom Control (Optical X37, Digital X12) : EPT-37CN
- Day & Night (IR Cut Filter)
- HLC (High Light Compensation)
- DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
- SNR (Super Noise Reduction)
- AC 24V
- Included Wall or Ceiling Mount Bracket
- Independent Preset Parameter Setup (AE, WB and etc.)
- 127 Preset Positions with Alphanumeric Labels
- 4 Pattern, 8 Swing and 8 Group Functions
- Vandal-Proof (Dome Cover:PC/Housing & Accessories:AL)
- Built-in Fan & Heater
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Night Vision Infrared Cameras
(Multiple Varieties Available)
-700 TV-Line : Color, 720 TV-Line : B/W
-DIS, Sense-up(x1024)
-OSD, LSD, HLC, Motion Detection, Privacy Zone
-25M(80ft) range with Dynamic 24pcs of IR LEDs
-True Day&Night (ICR)
-2.8mm~12mm IR Varifocal Lens
-Multi-language full OSD support
-2nd Video connector for Installation
-DC12V/AC24V Dual Voltage
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Hidden Cameras
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- Real Smoke Detector
- 1/3" Sony Super HAD
- 380TVL
- 3.7mm Pinhole Lens
- DC12V
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Security Monitors
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- 1366 x 768 Maximum Resolution
- LED BLU (Back Light Unit) Display Monitor
- DVI-D 1 In / VGA 1 In, PC Strero 1 In
- 5ms Response, 250 NITS
- 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
- Auto Color Balance Function
- VESA Mount Compatible
- Wall and Ceiling Mount
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Access Control
(Multiple Varieties Available)
- Universial Deadbolt - 2-3/4?(70mm), 2-3/8?(60mm) - selectable
- User-friendly Accessibility - RFID card, Pin Number, Key
- Anti Theft Mode
- New USA version - 1 Deadbolt installation
- 9V Battery Back up
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What’s happening in the world of security and technology?
  • Optimal building management through centralization

    Desigo CC is making building management much easier and convenient. Desigo CC is the world's first management station to combine all of the adjustable building systems into a single control station. The station controls a building's heating, air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection, and security systems, as well as its energy management functions. Experts are hailing it as a building management milestone. Because all of the data flows together into a single system, a building's operation can be optimized more quickly and easily than ever before. And the system makes it easier to maximize a building's energy efficiency. The uniform operation of all building systems also reduces the time and effort needed for installation and training. The first stations are already being used in the U.S., and Desigo CC has now also been launched in Europe, where it was presented at the trade show Light + Building 2014.
  • Pamplona battles camera craze by bull run daredevils

    Spanish authorities are cracking down on dare devils who shoot camera footage even as they risk their lives by running with half-tonne fighting bulls at the annual San Fermin festival.
  • New technology illuminates colder objects in deep space

    Too cool and faint, many objects in the universe are impossible to detect with visible light. Now a Northwestern University team has refined a new technology that could make these colder objects more visible, paving the way for enhanced exploration of deep space.
  • Fast building inspection from the air

    Many buildings in Germany are in need of renovation. The reasons for this are often aging building structures and environmental influences. In the future, flying inspection robots will be able to accelerate and simplify inspections, thus reducing the safety risk.
  • Google Glass taking fans closer to the action

    Your favorite team is playing for the title, and you are in the middle of the field. Google Glass is slowly becoming more common in sports as teams and broadcasters try to bring fans closer to the action. The American football team Philadelphia Eagles will test the Internet-connected eyewear for in-game use, and a company with a key application for the technology says it has secured a new round of financing that will help roll out its Glass program to sports, entertainment and other fields.
  • Single-pixel 'multiplex' captures elusive terahertz images

    A novel metamaterial enables a fast, efficient and high-fidelity terahertz radiation imaging system capable of manipulating the stubborn electromagnetic waves, advancing a technology with potential applications in medical and security imaging, a team led by Boston College researchers reports in the online edition of the journal Nature Photonics.
  • GoPro shares soar on first day of trading

    Shares in the company behind GoPro cameras, used to capture sports action from players' perspectives, jumped more than 30 percent on their first day of trading.
  • IED detector developed by Sandia Labs being transferred to Army

    Detecting improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan requires constant, intensive monitoring using rugged equipment. When Sandia researchers first demonstrated a modified miniature synthetic aperture radar (MiniSAR) system to do just that, some experts didn't believe it.
  • Algorithm automatically cuts boring parts from long videos

    Smartphones, GoPro cameras and Google Glass are making it easy for anyone to shoot video anywhere. But, they do not make it any easier to watch the tedious videos that can result. Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists, however, have invented a video highlighting technique that can automatically pick out the good parts.
  • Eyes on you: Experts reveal police hacking methods (Update 2)

    Law enforcement agencies across the globe are taking a page out of the hacker's handbook, using targets' own phones and computers to spy on them with methods traditionally associated with cybercriminals, two computer security groups said Tuesday.
  • New, enhanced security of data storage and transmission via optical 'marked ghost imaging' technology

    "Ghost imaging" sounds like the spooky stuff of frivolous fiction, but it's an established technique for reconstructing hi-res images of objects partly obscured by clouds or smoke. Now a group of researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is applying the same idea in reverse to securing stored or shared electronic data.
  • Africa's poison 'apple' provides common ground for saving elephants, raising livestock

    While African wildlife often run afoul of ranchers and pastoralists securing food and water resources for their animals, the interests of fauna and farmer might finally be unified by the "Sodom apple," a toxic invasive plant that has overrun vast swaths of East African savanna and pastureland.
  • Audi uses technician telepresence to boost customer experience

    Audi calls its initiative announced Tuesday ART, which stands for Audi Robotic Telepresence. Audi intends to make ART a component of positive customer experiences. The company recognizes that maintenance is part of the vehicle ownership experience, and service visits can be important predictors of customer satisfaction. Audi announced its launch of a communications robot as a way to help Audi dealership technicians quickly diagnose and troubleshoot repair issues to better ensure that the customer goes away not mad but glad. Audi released a video of these rolling robots, which will be moving about with video screens and cameras attached. Technicians will deploy their expertise in order to remotely supervise mechanics at coast to coast dealerships. The company said that Audi technical assistance consultants will be the primary operators of ART, as well as regionally based technical field managers. The idea is for them to inspect and help service vehicles as if they were standing alongside the local dealer technicians. Audi plans to implement the program at 100 U.S. dealers nationwide and is presently testing them in 18.
  • Review: Warming up to tablets with keyboard covers

    It took some travels across the country for me to appreciate a tablet with a keyboard cover.
  • In the Sierra, teens learn calculus while aiming for the stars

    High in the Eastern Sierra, a pack of huskies is howling in the shadow of snow-covered peaks.

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